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Review from NZ Musician

Tight but unfussy riffs, snarly yet melodic vocals. Like Toy Love, The Lowest Fidelity has absorbed influences from punk to The Beatles, and spat out an album of spikey pop gems that display probably too much aggression for unadventurous pop radio programmers – but will find much appreciation among actual lovers of new music. With its clever lyrics and incredibly catchy refrain, Three Times A Day could easily become a covers band staple. Slapback-drenched vocals take you back in time to the British Invasion and beyond. The completely unpretentious guitar solo on Listen To Lies is a breath of fresh air in a world of punchy but predictable pentatonic playing. This is true of the whole band’s performance. There’s an abundance of feeling behind the energy and abandon that hasn’t been much heard since Cobain strapped on a Fender. It’s easy to play a bunch of notes in a frenzied manner, and not so simple to invest those notes with feeling, but it happens on this album. Bob Frisbee and Ed Castelow must have magic ears because they’ve managed to capture The Lowest Fidelity in full flight with these recordings, with all the energy of Darcy Clay’s Jesus I Was Evil.