The Hasselhoff Experiment

Flying Nun

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"This 1998 debut by the Wellington twosome was first released on vinyl under guitarist and vocalist Andrew Tolley's own label, KATO MUSIC; and later released onto CD by their new label, Flying Nun.

This blistering 11 song work out only lasts for half an hour and combines the growlin' vocals and buzz-saw guitar of Tolley with the alarmingly, almighty drumming of Brendan Moran. This all adds up to one cutting edge, high-octane, garage punk. Or something like that anyway." - amplifier.co.nz

Artist: The Hasselhoff Experiment
Title: The Hasselhoff Experiment
Label: Flying Nun Records
Cat #: FN417
Year: 1998
Format: CD

Track List:

  1. Night Rider's Theme
  2. Evil Monkey Boy
  3. Codger
  4. Shooting The Shit
  5. Rock'n'Roll Criminal
  6. Skull Cap
  7. Feeling Bad
  8. Upstairs Heat
  9. Palm of Hand
  10. Barren
  11. Mean Man