The Las Vegas Story (Reissue)

Vinyl 2LP

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-Expanded version of the classic 1984 3rd album by legendary punk/blues band The Gun Club.

-Includes a 2nd LP of Live at Scorgie's 1984 in Rochester, NY. -Also includes a download card of never before seen video of 1984 Home Movie: The Gun Club On The Road.


  1. The Las Vegas Story
  2.  Walkin' with the Beast
  3.  Eternally Is Here
  4.  The Stranger in Our Town
  5.  My Dreams
  6.  The Master Plan
  7.  My Man's Gone Now
  8.  Bad America
  9.  Moonlight Motel
  10.  Give Up the Sun
  11.  Secret Fires
  12. Brother and Sister
  13. Walkin' with the Beast
  14.  Eternally Is Here
  15.  The Stranger in Our Town
  16.  Moonlight Motel
  17.  Like Calling Up Thunder
  18.  Sleeping in Blood City
  19.  Goodbye Johnny
  20.  The House on Highland Avenue
  21.  Gve Up the Sun

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