The Golden Age Of The Apocalypse


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There has been somewhat of a buzz around this album building for a while. From the moment tracks were revealed of Thundercat doing George Duke covers, we knew something interesting was afoot... Thundercat is a pretty incredible bass player who has earnt stripes playing with the likes of Snoop Dogg's live band and Suicidal Tendencies, no less. Add to that the fact that this album is being released on Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label (and in fact produced by Mr Lotus himself). Shades of Jaco Pastorius updated for the 21st century. A welcome new direction from the ever-fertile music grounds of Los Angeles...


1. HooooooO
2. Daylight
3. Fleer Ultra
4. Is It Love?
5. For Love I Come
6. It Really Doesn't Matter To You
7. Jamboree
8. Boat Cruise
9. Seasons
10. Goldenboy
11. Walkin'
12. Mystery Machine (The Golden Age of Apocalypse)
13. Return To The Journey