The Deep Niche

Ba Da Bing

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The story of The Garbage and The Flowers, by some measure Wellington’s most brilliant pop band, is equal parts classic underground rock’n’roll and a hazy ramshackle history pockmarked with bursts of genius and stoned rehearsals. Rare is it for any band to garner so much underground acclaim whilst leading such a nebulous existence. A small handful of releases, compilation appearances and few live shows make for a curious stop/start history. Tension can produce the goods and tension was what watered The Garbage and the Flowers. (...) - firerecords

Track list:

  1. St Michael of the Angels
  2. Sandy Skies
  3. 29 Years
  4. Moonlight in Paris
  5. Eyes of Johanna
  6. Blue for You
  7. Hieronymus Bosch
  8. Corcodile Tears