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Deep Sleep - Flying Out


Deep Sleep


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Seizing the opportunity of being in the same city, The Datsuns wrote and recordedDeep Sleep ina blistering fast ten days at Roundhead Studios in Auckland last summer. The result is a sonic explosion that arrives, lights the place on fire, then leaves, all within the space of 34 minutes.

Deep Sleep elaborates on their signature breakneck-paced rocknroll delving into more menacing terrain summoned from the bands collective proto-metal 70s influences; Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Blue Oyster Cult and Bloodrock, to name a few. Semi-tones are thrown in amongst blues scale riffs creating a darker, more evil sound that summons images of 1970s cult film super-villains.

While the band made Deep Sleep they collectively took an interest in 1970s French comic Kris Kool created by cult psychedelic artist Caza (Philippe Cazaumayou). Inspired and enamoured by his artwork while in the studio, the band contacted Caza direct, now 72 years old, and licensed an image for the front cover of Deep Sleep, complementing the darker 70s vibe The Datsuns were playing with.

Artist: The Datsuns
Title: Deep Sleep
Cat #: HS039
Year: 2014
Format: LP + CD

Track List:

1. Caught In The Silver
2. Bad Taste
3. Claw Machine
4. Shaky Mirrors
5. 500 Eyes
6. Thats What You Get
7. Creature Of The Week
8. Looking Glass Lies
9. Sun In My Eyes
10. Deep Sleep



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