Submarine Bells (Reissue)

Flying Nun

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Submarine Bells the iconic early album from The Chills’ catalogue has been remastered for a super sweet moment of ear candy, perfect for rediscovery out on translucent green coloured vinyl 15th January, 2021 via Flying Nun Records.

Back in the Flying Nun vinyl catalogue for the first time in almost three decades, you can now get your hands on this much sought after reissue; Submarine Bells is available on translucent green vinyl pressed in New Zealand, thanks to Holiday Records.

Submarine Bells is The Chills’ much-praised second album from 1990. Built around Martin Phillipps’ off-kilter vocal; all accent, all attitude, it reels around folk- like couplets with brusque punk swagger fed through psychedelic hues; so timeless it still simmers beautifully. It includes the effervescent, euphoric opener ‘Heavenly Pop Hit’.

Martin has a single-minded determination to take quality, original NZ-sounding, melodic rock music global. His requirement of band members has been to meet a standard of musicianship, which is necessary to deliver The Chills songs with essential consistent energy. This determination stems from the punk rock ethics of Martin’s musical awakening and from the subsequent proximity to people like Chris Knox who drove home how crucial it was to deliver music always with intensity and conviction. This live energy is the central reason why The Chills are remembered fondly in all of the thirty-nine countries that they have thus far visited. It’s the combination of this AND the consistent quality of their songs which have established The Chills as one of the most well-known New Zealand groups to date.


  1. Heavenly Pop Hit
  2. Tied Up In Chain
  3. The Oncoming Day
  4. Part Past Part Fiction
  5. Singing In My Sleep
  6. I Soar
  7. Dead Web
  8. Familiarity Breeds Contempt B3 Don't Be - Memory
  9. Effloresce And Deliquesce B5 Sweet times
  10. Submarine Bells