Soft Bomb (Reissue)

Flying Nun

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Soft Bomb the iconic early album from The Chills’ catalogue has been remastered for a super sweet moment of ear candy, perfect for rediscovery out on coloured vinyl 15th January, 2021 via Flying Nun Records.

Back in the Flying Nun vinyl catalogue for the first time in almost three decades, you can now get your hands on this much sought after reissue; Soft Bomb is available on either opaque orange or opaque blue vinyl pressed in New Zealand, thanks to Holiday Records.

Originally released in 1992, The Chills’ third album Soft Bomb features contributions from giants of contemporary American music like Van Dyke Parks and ex dB’s Peter Holsapple as collaborators. A roller coaster 17-song, 51 minute trip, Soft Bomb is a conceptual classic that embraces styles and genres.

Fronted by the rare talent of Martin Phillipps, The Chills were originally formed in 1980 and had a revolving cast of band members, with Phillipps remaining the only constant. His knack for writing fantastic pop songs led to chart hits back home and a cult following around the world. With their early releases via Flying Nun Records, The Chills produced a number of critically acclaimed recordings such as the single Pink Frost(their first hit) from the compilation album Kaleidoscope World and ‘Wet Blanketfrom the LP Brave Words.


  1. The Male Monster From The Id
  2. Background Affair
  3. Ocean Ocean
  4. Soft Bomb
  5. There is No Harm in Trying
  6. Strange Case
  7. Soft Bomb II
  8. So Long
  9. Song For Randy Newman Etc.
  10. Sleeping Giants
  11. Double Summer
  12. Sanctuary
  13. Halo Fading
  14. There is No Point in Trying
  15. Entertainer
  16. Water Wolves
  17. Soft Bomb III