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Make up my Mind - Flying Out


Make up my Mind

Powertool Records

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The Changing Same is Matthew Bannister‚√≥¬ªs (ex-Sneaky Feelings) band; the vehicle for his original tunes. They have just released their new 4-track EP, Make Up My Mind' , on Powertool Records‚√≥¬ª. Bannister started out as a teenager in the late '70's playing rhythm guitar in working men's clubs and other unlicensed venues with Gavin Keen (lead guitar), Graeme Dooley (drums) and Spike Quinn (bass) in 60's covers band Feedback. In 1981, while he was a student at the University of Otago in Dunedin, he co-founded Sneaky Feelings. After the band dissolved in 1989, Bannister moved to Auckland, where he formed Dribbling Darts and worked as a journalist and reviewer. Both bands had music released on the Flying Nun record label. He also worked briefly with The Mutton Birds. Bannister released a solo album, 'Moth', in 2007 as One Man Bannister. In 2008 he released an album with The Weather called 'Aroha Ave', in 2011 a self-titled album with The Changing Same, followed by this EP earlier this year. In late 2013, with his band One Man Bannister, he released the critically-acclaimed 'Evolver' album - his tribute to, and re-working of, The Beatles' hugely influential album 'Revolver'.


Artist: The Changing Same
Title: Make Up My Mind
Label: Powertool Records
Cat #: PT134
Year: 2013
Format: CD

Track List:
  1. Could be anyone
  2. Nice to hear your voice
  3. Make up my mind
  4. Slow down



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