The Cavemen

Dirty Water Records


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"Second alboom by Thee Cavemen from Dorkland town, NZee... Takumi Tornado out, Nicko Biffo in, and London beckons... Ghouls, bikers, mental institutions and skool expulsions, cemeteries and a number of other troglodyte topics, get covered on the menu of scuzzy, screamin', scorchin' garage punk dementia... primal punk rumble and stumble through to its brilliantly battered end."

Artist: The Cavemen
Title: The Cavemen
Year: 2015
Cat #: KA45
Formats: CD


  1. Mentally Ill
  2. Fuck For Hate
  3. Ghoul
  4. Scum Bag
  5. Rides With The Reich
  6. Rock 'n' Roll Retard
  7. Pub
  8. Fucked In The Head
  9. School Sux
  10. Crimes


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