Nuke Earth

Slovenly Recordings


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"Infamous and unapologetic, London based, ex-pat Auckland garage rockers The Cavemen have managed to conjure up a 3rd full-length LP of pure raw punk mayhem.

The LP ‘Nuke Earth’ released by eclectic rock Reno-based label Slovenly Records is a definite call back to the sounds of 80’s basement rock.

Despite their relocation, the band consists of its original line up of Jack Beesley on guitar, Jake Pringle on drums, Nick Armstrong on bass, and Paul Froggatt on vocals.

The band’s signature no-frills approach full of chugging power chords, distorted guitar rhythms, aggressive basslines, punchy drums, rambunctious screaming vocals and Motorhead-like guitar solos define this 13 track album.

Mixed and mastered true to their loud and rabid sound, each song is a fast, psyched out, encapsulation of The Cavemen’s signature frantic-scuzzy style, both lyrically and sonically. It’s nothing short of a garage-fan’s dream party playlist, from the fiery rhythmic opening track Lust For Evil to the playful love song Janey to the sinister Batshit Crazy it’s guaranteed to get everybody moving." - nzmusician