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Volume 1

Flying Nun

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This 3 CD set compiles together the early releases from New Zealand indie-pop pioneers The Bats.

Featuring tracks from 1984 to 1988, including the first three full length releases Daddy's HighwayCompiletely Bats,_Law of Things as well as early original recordings to previously unheard studio outtakes. All showcasing a group that has gone on to influence countless bands around the world with their jangling guitars that express both an optimism and deeper melancholy.

Presented in a 3xCD wallet, which includes all original artwork as well as accompanying liner notes, posters, flyers and ephemera from the time. Also available on a limited edition cassette or with added tote bag option.

Artist: The Bats
Title: Volume 1
Label: Flying Nun Records
Cat #: FNCD543
Year: 2014
Format: 3xCD set / Cassette

Track List:

CD 1: Compiletely Bats

  1. Made Up In Blue
  2. Neighbours
  3. Chicken Bird Run
  4. Jewellers Heart
  5. I Go Wild
  6. Blindfold
  7. Mad On You
  8. By Night
  9. Earwig
  10. Claudine
  11. United Airways
  12. Man In The Moon
  13. Trouble in This Town
  14. Joe's Again
  15. Offside
  16. My Way
  17. Calm Before The Storm
  18. Candidate
  19. Block of Wood (Demo 1)
  20. Block of Wood (Demo 2)
  21. Daddy's Highway (Drum Machine Version)

CD 2: Daddy's Highway

  1. Block of Wood
  2. Miss These Things
  3. Mid City Team
  4. Some Peace Tonight
  5. Had To Be You
  6. Daddyt's Highway
  7. Treason
  8. Sir Queen
  9. Round and Down
  10. Take It
  11. North By North
  12. Tragedy 

CD 3: Law of Things

  1. Other Side of You
  2. Law of Things
  3. Never Said Goodbye
  4. Yawn Vibes
  5. Time To Get Ready
  6. Ten To One
  7. Mastery
  8. I Fall Away
  9. Cliff Edge
  10. Nine Days
  11. Bedlam
  12. Smoking Her Wings
  13. North by North (Re-MIx)
  14. Straight Through My Heart
  15. Get Fat
  16. Best Friends
  17. Passed By
  18. Downfall
  19. Passed By (Outake)
  20. Check Check
  21. Is That All I Get For My Heart


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