The Guilty Office

Arch Hill

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Artist: The Bats
Title: The Guilty Office
Catalog Number: AHR036
Formats: CD, MP3, Wav
Year: 2008
Band Members: Robert Scott, Paul Kean, Kaye Woodward, Malcolm Grant


  1. Countersign
  2. Crimson Enemy
  3. Broken Path
  4. Like Water In Your Hands
  5. Castle Lights
  6. Two Lines
  7. Satellites
  8. Later On That Night
  9. Steppin Out
  10. The I Specialist
  11. The Guilty Office
  12. The Orchard


"So inevitably, nostalgia nags The Guilty Office, the Bats' first release since 2005's At the National Grid, their respectable but underwhelming return from a decade-long hiatus. Despite introducing a few upgrades over the years-- actual sound engineering, a greater vocal role for guitarist Kaye Woodard, and the occasional harp-- the band hasn't tinkered with its signature chiming guitars and surging straight-ahead rhythms. But why fix a formula that works? From melodic, bobbing lead "Countersign" to bucolic closer "The Orchard", Office is a comfortable, comforting listen, wonderful in its very familiarity."

Pitchfork 7.5