Flying Nun

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Yet another Bats album -- on the one hand that can sound like an insult, but when it comes to simply doing a fine job on album after album, with a set but still captivating sound, the Bats nail it here as they have always done before. It certainly doesn't hurt that Silverbeet begins with two of the band's best songs ever: "Courage," a restrained surge of inspiring music that, unsurprisingly, backs a slightly doubting, questioning lyric on love and life, and "Sighting the Sound," with a killer chorus sung by Scott and Woodward together. They may be spiritual cousins of the Ramones in terms of not really changing over the moons, but the Bats know their collective strengths and play to them well -- something most bands can't manage. - All Music Guide


Artist: The Bats
Title: Silverbeet
Label:‚Flying Nun Records
Year: 1993
Cat #: FNCD260
Formats: Digital

Band Members: Robert Scott, Kaye Woodward, Malcolm Grant, Paul Kean


  1. Courage
  2. Sighting The Sound
  3. Too Much
  4. Slow Alight
  5. Valley Floor
  6. Love Floats Two
  7. Green
  8. No Time For Your Kind
  9. Straight On Home
  10. Before The Day
  11. Stay Away
  12. Drive Me Some Boars
  13. Half Way To Nowhere