They Could Have Been Bigger Than The Beatles

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Originally released in 1982, ‘They Could Have Been Bigger Than The Beatles’ was the influential band’s third album. A collection of singles, demos, outtakes and rarities that was intended to mark the band's breakup in 1982 had they not got back together again so soon. The record features "David Hockney's Diaries", "The Boy In The Paisley Shirt" and "Psychedelic Holiday".

With the formidable Daniel Treacy at its core, Television Personalities remain one of new wave’s longest serving and seminal artists with a career spanning over three decades. The indie pop visionaries have influenced many people across the industry including Battles, Black Dice, Crystal Stilts, MGMT and Creation Records’ Alan McGee.


  1. Three Wishes
  2.  David Hockney's Diary
  3.  In a Perfumed Garden
  4.  Flowers for Abigail
  5.  King and Country
  6.  The Boy in the Paisley Shirt
  7.  Games for Boys
  8.  Painter Man
  9.  Psychedelic Holiday
  10. 14th Floor
  11. Sooty's Disco Party
  12. Makin' Time
  13. When Emily Cries
  14. The Glittering Prizes
  15. Anxiety Block
  16. Mysterious Ways