Fifty Flavours of Glue

Flying Nun

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Artist: Tall Dwarfs
Title:‚Fifty Flavours of Glue
Label:‚Flying Nun Records
Year: 1998
Cat #:‚FNCD412
Formats: Digital
Band Members: Chris Knox, Alec Bathgate

Track List:

  1. Gluey Gluey
  2. The Communion
  3. If I Were A Piece of Shit
  4. Like Someone Else
  5. Baby
  6. The Fatal Flaw of New
  7. The Ugly Mire of Deep Held Feelings
  8. Endure
  9. The Future See
  10. Just Do It!
  11. Mistaken (Once Again)
  12. Fatty Fowl in Gravy Stew
  13. Round These Walls
  14. Fragile
  15. Totalitarian Chant of Freedom
  16. Smacked
  17. Over The Hill