Flying Nun

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The Hello Cruel World compilation is the best way to get acquainted with Tall Dwarfs, but if you want just one of their other albums, this is probably a good start.

Recorded in 1992 and 1993, it has just as much variety as any other disc (compilation or otherwise) by the group, but doesn't wear out its welcome as much over the course of the merry-go-round. Some of their most spaced-out stuff is here: the fogged-over hurdy-gurdy waltz of "Bob's Yer Uncle," the stoner psychedelia of "Two Dozen Lousy Hours" (complete with warp-simulation sound effects), the white blues satire (how long has it been since you heard one of those?) "Postmodern Deconstructivist Blues." They can't resist succumbing to numbing repetitive lo-fi fuzz riffs from time to time (as on "Self-Deluded Dreamboy (In a Mess)"), but after a dozen years it seems unreasonable to expect that they'll grow up in this regard. - 4.5/5 - All Music Guide

Artist: Tall Dwarfs
Title: 3EPs
Label:Flying Nun Records
Year: 1994
Cat #: FN296
Formats: CD + Digital
Recorded at Intellectually Handicapped Studios


  1. For All The Walters In The World
  2. Entropy
  3. What Goes Up
  4. Highrise
  5. Starry Eyed And Wooly Brained
  6. Folding
  7. Neusyland
  8. Two Dozen Lazy Hours
  9. Bobs Yer Uncle
  10. More 54
  11. Archaeupteryx
  12. Ain't It Funny
  13. Senile Dementia
  14. Bee To Honey
  15. Post Modern Deconstructivist Blues
  16. Kidstuff
  17. Self-Deluded Dream Boy
  18. Our Advice To You


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