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Lost Time - Flying Out


Lost Time

Hardly Art

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Lost Time is the Seattle punk quartet, Tacocats third album as a group this time working with producer Erik Blood ((Shabazz Palaces, Moondoggies, The Turn-ons, The Lights).

Together they have made a compact album of punk, pop and some serious punch that not only successfully foregrounds gender but pretty much neutralises it.

Musically thrifty, highly efficient and lyrically substantive songs such as The Internet (anti- male trolling) and Men Explain Things To Me (anti-male arrogance) point the finger, wag it, and then walk on towards some form of hoped-for resolution.

Artist: Tacocat
Title: Lost Time
Cat #: HAR095
Label: Hardly Art
Year: 2016
Format: LP

Track List:

1. Dana Katherin Scully
2. FDP / 3. I Love Seattle
4. I Hate The Weekend
5. You Cant Fire Me, I Quit
6. The Internet
7. Plan A, Plan B
8. Talk
9. Men Explain Things To Me
10. Horse Grrls
11. Night Swimming
12. Leisure Bees



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