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Rainmaker - Flying Out



Honesty Is Appreciated


Printed on 180 gram heavyweight virgin vinyl, limited to 139 hand numbered copies on transparent red wax.

If youve ever sat and watched darkening clouds eclipse the sun, then youll be familiar with the kind of portentous intensity post-hardcore and atmospheric metal titans Spook the Horses evoke on their new album Rainmaker. Soundtracking the apocalypse since 2009, the Wellington-based act remains resoundingly heavy, but just as those clouds are eventually borne away by powerful prevailing winds, the bands epic suites are imbued with strings, brass, synthesizers and nuanced guitar — the lineup including three guitarists — enabling them to turn suddenly glorious.

Spook the Horses craft monumental hymns atop a percussive baseline saturated with sound. Yet, like sonic kin Terra Tenebrosa, The Old Wind, or Cult of Luna, the spacious and ruminative passages threaded through their songs are as crucial as any outright aggression. Picturesque soundscapes, outbursts and scatterings of crestfallen vocals define their unique sound, while the band has steadily built a reputation for crafting immersive live performances, built on the back of extensive touring. The tone of the bands new record, Rainmaker signifies an evolution from the dense trio of guitars that defined their December 2011-released debut album, Brighter, into the arid and spacious; a descent to the dry, desperate earth. Tracked live at studio Wellington by James Goldsmith (So So Modern, Die! Die! Die!), mixed in Melbourne, Australia by Sam Sproull (Shihad, Cairo Knife Fight, Gatherer) and mastered in Stockholm, Sweden by renowned engineer Magnus Lindberg (Cult of Luna, The Ocean, Kongh), Rainmaker presents forty-five minutes of undulating post-hardcore and atmospheric metal that shifts effortlessly between the lacerating and the sublime. Spook the Horses remain an amalgam of light and dark, crushing and fragile, and serene and seething.

Artist: Spook The Horses
Title: Rainmaker
Label: Honesty is Appreciated
Cat #: HNSTY001
Format: 12" LP
Year: 2015

Track List:

A1 Footfall
A2 Wideing
A3 Flood A4 The Saint
B1 Saboteur
B2 Drought
B3 Below Our Time

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