South Sea Rhythm / Melodies of Maoriland


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Bill Wolfgramm and His Islanders were responsible for New Zealand’s first pop album, South Sea Rhythm, a 10-inch disc released by Tanza in 1956.It was actually a compilation of 78s recorded earlier by Tanza, many featuring vocalist Daphne Walker. Side one was instrumental, featuring just Bill Wolfgramm's band, whilst the second side was vocal. It was quickly followed up by the more locally oriented Melodies of Maoriland, which included tunes such as ‘Haere Mae’, ‘When My Wahine Does the Poi’ and ‘Pania of the Reef’. Most of Wolfgramm’s Hawaiian-style pop 78s were recorded for Tanza, and his early recordings were done on his New Zealand-made Commodore eight-string lap steel guitar.


South Sea Rhythm

  1. South Sea Swing
  2. Hilo March
  3. Tiger Shark
  4. Maui Chimes
  5. Kohala March
  6. Lovely Hula Hands
  7. Hawaiian Kisses
  8. Manu Rere
  9. Polynesian Love Song

Melodies Of Maoriland

  1. Haere Mai (2015 Remastered Version)
  2. New Zealand's Christmas Tree
  3. When My Wahine Does The Poi
  4. Aroha
  5. Kotuku
  6. Pania Of The Reef
  7. Maori Action Song
  8. Haere Ra, My Love