The Sheltering Ranges

Cudighi Records


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The Sheltering Ranges is a set of ambient pieces. It combines loops, synths, pianos, phonetic poetry, and wind turbine field recordings. The pieces explore a non-diatonic world while maintaining a melodic sensibility and a glimmering of songs. This album was made as part of a sonic arts project at NZMS. It is about Wellington’s astonishing weather.

"I liked to play the synths while looking out the window. Across the valley high on the hill the wind turbine turned briskly, or it sat completely still, its fins jutting out into the sky. Sometimes the sound of whirring would drift across to the house. Up close the turbine hummed and swished in a constant rhythm. Other turbines emitted creaks, groans, whooshes, and delicate resonant frequencies. The field recordings became a central part of the music.

Ben Van Howe at Cudighi Records suggested extending the project by asking other composers to create remixes. The remix tracks were made by six different artists from different places in the world during lockdown. They sound alluring, imaginative, provocative, and completely unique."
- Sonya Waters

"Sonya Waters translates her wind turbine iced, New Zealand valley vista into a swirling, lava lamp hued, New Agetronic, fluffy cloud of an LP."

- The Slow Music Movement


1. Spring Tide (03:54)
2. Eddies (03:37)
3. Evaporation (03:02)
4. The Straights (02:30)
5. Dreamland Grasses (04:38)
6. Anticyclone (04:49)
7. The Sheltering Ranges (05:22)
8. First Frost (02:31)
9. Evaporation (Dugal McKinnon remix) (04:30)
10. Spring Tide (Ludus remix) (03:48)
11. Dreamland Grasses (Laura Luna Castillo remix) (05:13)
12. First Frost (Rami Moscovich remix) (03:43)
13. Eddies (Jet Jaguar remix) (04:23)
14. The Straights (Maryana Klochko remix) (01:55)