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The Electric Magnolia Co. - Flying Out


The Magnolia Electric Co.

Secretly Canadian

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"Imbued with a dust-under-the-fingernails weariness, the album is so representative of Molina's sound and spirit, he subsequently took Magnolia Electric Co. as his new band's name. Molinas work on Magnolia wasnt as cryptically oblique as Oldham, as stadium-sized as Adams, or as harmonically polished as Smith. It was, perhaps for the first time in his recording tenure, pure and full Molina. But the album installed itself into the American songwriter landscape circa '03 in a way that closed the circuit among his peers and secretly, quietly willed a pocket of the zeitgeist into being.

The 10th anniversary of The Magnolia Electric Co. is upon us, hence the obligatory 10th-anniversary reissue. The album would have called for the deluxe retrospective treatment even if Molina hadnt died earlier this year, of organ failure related to his long struggle with alcohol. The respectful euphemisms have flown. The bottom line, however, is harsh: Molina drank himself to death. But Magnolia is not a drunk record, nor is it a drinking record. While legions of alt-country troubadours have drained the tear-in-my-beer song of much of its traditionalist proof, Magnolia is sharp, clear-eyed, and savagely focused." - Pitchfork


Artist:Songs: Ohia
Title:The Electric Magnolia Co.
Year: 2003/2013
Format:Double LP
Cat #:SC300




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