At War WIth Walls & Mazes (Reissue)

Son Lux's debut album, long out of print, reissued with reimagined cover art by Joshue Ott. 

Around 2008 Ryan Lott asked himself this question: ”Can I make a pop record that doesn’t rely on a verse/chorus formula?” In many ways, Lott’s first release as Son Lux represents his response to that query. At War WIth Walls & Mazes documents one of the most compelling musicians of the 21st century finding a distinctive creative voice, while making strikingly original music along the way. For this release, Lott turned to sonic texture as a source of musical sustenance, crafting a dynamic mosaic of sound inspired by the collagist technique of hip-hop beat makers. The soundscapes Lott created merged a panoramic symphonic palette with the propulsive rhythmic urgency of hip-hop. Embedded in this first release are melodies and echos many listeners will find familiar, as Lott has masterfully woven them throughout nearly all Son Lux releases to date.