Deep Night

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A raw cry from the dark night of one mans soul. Cloistered away from the popular culture of 1982, rural Illinois priest Tony Trosley painted a pastoral refraction of early 1970s Laurel Canyon watercolors with this stand-alone set of songs. Openhearted and naively psychedelic, Deep Night was recorded during a single predawn marathon, and mixed live-to-tape in an isolated chapel. Cobbled together out of local players to help fill out this ethereal soundscape, Trosleys band brought an earnest but bluntly unsophisticated backdrop to his phaserdrenched 12-string guitar. The Sixth Station—named for a grim New Testament tableau in which Veronica washes the tortured face of Jesus—managed to avoid overtly Christian themes in favor of a mystical Humanism that resonates timelessly, and to any sort of listener.This Deep Night is as profound and eerie as the images conjured by its title.