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Randolph's Going Home - Flying Out


Randolph's Going Home

Flying Nun Records

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Flying Nun Records are pleased to announce the first ever re-issue of the Shayne Carter and Peter Jefferies 1986 collaborative 7 - Randolphs Going Home.Limited to 1000 copies, the re-issue was madeavailable for Record Store Day 2015, April 18.

Featuring two tracks written by Shayne Carter (Bored Games, Straitjacket Fits, Doublehappys) and Peter Jefferies (This Kind of Punishment, Nocturnal Projections) the song was Carters first recording following the sudden, tragic death of his Doublehappys band mate and friend Wayne Elsey.

Randolphs Going Home is a gentle, heartfelt nod from Carter to Elsey, mixed with Peter Jefferies sonically quirky but structured sound, that, combined with the emotional sentiments have made this song so enduring. While on the b-side is the equally haunting Hooked, Lined and Sunken.

Randolph was written about the loss of a friend and is still one of the best songs I've been involved with. I wrote it while between bands and played it to Peter Jefferies when he came around to my George Street flat in Dunedin one day for a jam. He added his signature drum line and suggested repeating the chorus at the end.

He also said we needed to record the song immediately which we did - within days at the Chippendale House art venue, on four track, the stairwell of the venue adding natural reverb to the vocals, one guitar and drums with one guitar overdub to make the chorus kick.

I've seen this song bring people to tears more than once and it's a good feeling to be associated with a piece that can still wield that kind of power. Shayne Carter.

For me, Randolphs Going Home is one of the most enduring things Ive ever been involved in doing. There are times when mining the soul can produce something that transcends anything that could have been expected as an outcome. And never more so than this. Peter Jefferies.

Artist: Shayne Carter & Peter Jefferies
Title: Randolph's Going Home
Cat #: FN522
Label: Flying Nun Records
Format: 7"
Year: 1986 - reissued 2015

Track List:
A. Randolph's Going Home
B. Hooked, Lined & Sunken


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