12 Omeros

Flying Nun

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Building on the 2012 compilation‚ Nostalgia Kills, 12 Omeros is ten tracks of the finest industrial tropicana‚from Auckland four-piece,‚Sharpie Crows. ‚

The four-piece's debut full-length album, featuring ten tracks and cover art by Alex Brown (Street Chant),‚12 Omeros‚is the diary of a fevered dream. It contains a love song, a manifesto, memories of past lives, all tinted with the ecstatic nihilism of the seriously ill. ‚The music recorded by the band (Sam Bradford, Casey Latimer, Jackson Hobbs + Steven Huf)‚veers between the velvet unease of lush brass and synthesiser to the improvised fury of a sarcastic punk band destroying a garage.‚Sharpie Crows‚are the house band of your troubled conscience, and this is their masterpiece.

12 Omeros‚is available digitally, with some bonus b-sides hidden in there. Plus if you are in quick enough - on‚limited edition b(h)and made CD, each with a unique message on the disc and lovingly wrapped in a 12 Omeros poster.‚



Artist: Sharpie Crows
Title: 12 Omeros
Label: Flying Nun Records
Cat #: FN526
Year: 2013
Format: CD + Digital
Band: Sam Bradford, Jackson Hobbs, Steven Huf and Casey Latimer

Track List:

  1. (You've Got Your) Face On Straight
  2. Maypole
  3. Thank You Ladies For The Spread
  4. Roasting A Swan
  5. Bully 4 U
  6. Sand Storm
  7. Night Caller
  8. Ethiopian Mass
  9. Piccolo Pete
  10. House in the Forest


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