Mortise and Tenon


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Available on vinyl LP.

"Slitbreeze Records always nails it with the creaky psychadelic noise. Sapat has that barely contained timelessness, not unlike Jackie O MF, but more musical. What's surprising is its almost gentle nature. The record is difficult, but also beautiful and easy to digest. Mortise and Tenon perfectly inhabits those dichotomies that makes independent music so satisfying."


1. Vulvasonique (1:48)
2. Maat Fount (9:46)
3. Dark Silver (3:55)
4. Baal's Balls (8:00)
5. Lovely And Free (6:53)
6. Who U Wit (11:26)
7. Fante (5:15)

RIYL: Erik Amlee, Plants, Niagara Falls