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RVNG Intl. Starter Pack


RVNG Intl. Starter Pack

RVNG Intl.

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 RVNG Intl. have been around for just over a decade and they are label that love to mingle. Their signed musicians are artistic in varying ways, music doesn’t tend to be their only platform for creative expression. Some of their artists use music as a political and social platform, like expressive artist Helado Negro. RVNG Intl. has really allowed itself to evolve and adapt over the years, it is massively encouraging towards the smaller up and coming artists. A major step for RVNG Intl was when they developed a curated series called FRKWYS, its aim was to collaborate young artists with their older colleagues. A really unique experience for the listener!

This RVNG Intl.  Starter Pack includes:



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