The Creeping Unknown

Flying Nun

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The foreboding title of this disc is a bit deceptive. While Scott's minimalist pieces can often be moody, they aren't the horror movie soundtrack you might expect. Instead, you get some truly inventive instrumental pieces that sound like aural snapshots of a quirky otherworld.

"I liked Roberts first solo album. The Creeping Unknown (Flying Nun, 2000) being an apt title for this weird and wonderful mix of music and moods, styles and ideas. There were some conventional songs in there but they were outnumbered by the wonky dark and confusing electronic instrumentals. It's a great album unlike any other I know." - Roger Shepherd.

Artist: Robert Scott
Title: The Creeping unknown
Label:Flying Nun Records
Year: 2000
Cat #: FN447
Formats: Digital


  1. First Church
  2. Dreams Of Herge
  3. Evil Kid
  4. Fish Tails
  5. Evocation Of W. C. Fields
  6. Mud Sacrifice
  7. The Ball Of Purple Cotton
  8. Song-Song
  9. Bunny
  10. Ritual Tragick
  11. Meluzina Man
  12. Nimmo's Dream
  13. Grimace
  14. Hairs
  15. One Eye Opened