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Released as a single LP for the first time as part of Leaf 20, celebrating 20 years of The Leaf Label. It includes the CD album in miniature Leaf 20 design card wallet, Leaf catalogue inner sleeves and spot varnished Leaf 20 logo on front cover.

"Characteristically, Wildbirds emphasise instinct, emotional rawness and purity of expression over perfection. The whole album was recorded and mixed in Reykjavík in a single week, and retains an intentionally spontaneous, live feel. A new sense of restraint and control is apparent, compared to Wildbirds’ previous albums (2008’s  Heartcore and 2009’s The Snake) and their blistering live shows, consciously bringing Mariam Wallentin’s lyrical concerns into clearer focus. While the two EPs are sonically quite distinct, they complement each other with unifying themes of reflection, light and water. Heard in the context of the album, the new songs are revealed as an extraordinary body of work..." - Read full article at theleaflabel

Side One:
1. Bleed like there was no other flood
2. Tiny holes in this world
3. Fight for me
4. Peeling off the layers
Side Two:
1. The Wave
2. The Lake
3. The Course
4. The Well
5. The Drop

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