Spiritual Sleaze

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Spiritual Sleaze is dense with lush textures, laid-back beats and complex instrumentation that could equally be described as jazz, hip-hop, and ambient without ever being one of those things. The tension between melodic, easy-listening sounds and Rejoicer’s tendency towards improvisation inspired the album’s sound. Where Energy Dreams was “floaty”, Spiritual Sleaze is more “dirty and bouncy” while holding on to the earlier album’s dreamy, psychedelic vibe.

Rejoicer (Yuvi Havkin) is a producer from Tel-Aviv, who splices together funk, hip-hop, ambient and jazz. He's helped cultivate Israel’s modern beat movement, and fostered a community of international artists who contribute to his Raw Tapes label.


  1. Moon Hike 
  2. Pre Memory Circle 
  3. Song for the Spirit Flights 
  4. Heart Way or No Way (Chapeau)
  5. Up in Flames feat. iogi 
  6. Aura Sight 
  7. Earth Talk feat. Sam Wilkes
  8. Crystal Lagoon 
  9. My Beans feat. KerenDun
  10. The Pride, Oh, The Pride 
  11. No Bells Rang That Day feat. Nitai Hershkovits 
  12. Lemons feat. Jenny Penkin
  13. Third Eye Jungle Run 
  14. Eagle in The Lodge
  15. There is Time