Don't You Know Who I Am / Hey Mom

Reb Fountain

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Reb Fountain’s outstanding track ‘Don’t You Know Who I Am’ gets a limited edition 7 inch pressing with exclusive b-side track ‘Hey Mom’. Out on transparent blue vinyl with stunning artwork by Kalvin Fountain-Best.  

The perfect compliment to each other, both ‘Don’t You Know Who I Am’ and ‘Hey Mom’ were recorded live in one take with Reb and her band. ‘Don’t You Know Who I Am’ was recorded live at Roundhead Studios for Reb’s acclaimed self titled album released during lockdown 2020.  ‘Hey Mom’ was recorded live at Aotearoa’s own destination recording studio; Sublime Studios, set in the heart of Waitaki Valley.   

"‘Don’t You Know Who I Am’ is about who we think we are, who we want to be, who we have become and who we have left behind. It’s a rallying cry to rise up, to unite, to fight the good fight. It’s a call to dig deep, wake up, open your eyes and beat your own drum.  It bids you to hold fast, pick yourself up and keep on keeping on.”

‘Hey Mom’ was written during lockdown at Reb’s home.  Reflecting on the distance between, the folding of time and the interwoven experience of childhood & motherhood, Reb turned on her voice recorder and Hey Mom emerged fully formed from start to finish.  Working with Dave Khan on production, Reb was determined to capture the raw essence of that initial recording in a one take performance.  Whilst undertaking a duo tour during level 2 Reb and Dave stopped into Sublime Studios and recorded this masterpiece. In the same vein as Reb’s ‘When Gods Lie’ 7 inch with exclusive b-side ‘Round The Bend’, ‘Don’t You Know Who I Am’ b-side, ’Hey Mom’ will only be available in this format.