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The REAL LOSERS' second LP is undoubtedly the most appropriately-titled rock recording since the 1995 release of Michael Jackson's Cum On Feel The Boys 7".

Now, as then, nothing beats super-catchy rock n' roll of the trashy variety. And England's REAL LOSERS are perhaps today's premier practitioners of that particular sound. Under no circumstances can I foresee a reasonable human being with even an iota of musical taste not liking the REAL LOSERS.

Music for Funsters is an album to crank in your car when you're out driving with friends, an album to play real loud while you're alone in your room and feel like pissing off your house mates. Merry old England, once fertile ground for great punk rock, hasn't managed to produce a whole lot of decent rock n' roll in recent decades. Single-handedly, the REAL LOSERS have atoned for the sins of their countrymen. - NOW WAVE MAGAZINE


A1 - Look Real Sharp
A2 - Brainwash City Again
A3 - Birdbrain S.O.T.
A4 - Just Too Late
A5 - Tear Me Apart
A6 - Mongoloid
A7 - Pop-A-Doodle

B1 - Let’s Get Stoopid
B2 - My Rocket Radio
B3 - Endless Summer
B4 - Teenage Treatz
B5 - Watcha Know About Me?
B6 - Just A Runaround
B7 - Boy In A China Shop
B8 - Move It