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Push Barman To Open Old Wounds - Flying Out


Push Barman To Open Old Wounds

Matador Records

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Belle & Sebastian never felt tied down to the album as the ultimate expression of a band's worth. Put simply, they didn't feel the need to hold back their best songs for albums; the fourth song on a four-song EP was just as likely to be among their finest as any other. For proof check out Push Barman to Open New Wounds, a handy compilation of the group's EPs recorded between 1997 and 2001 for Jeepster and Matador. 

Beginning with Dog on Wheels all the way through, the band used its EPs as means of exploring new sounds and angles (check the groovy '60s spy song Legal Man, the epic in length and scope This Is Just a Modern Love Song, the bubbly sunshine pop of I Love My Car, or the silly instrumental Judy Is a Dick Slap) as well as an outlet for great songs that wouldn't fit on albums, like Slow Graffiti, A Century of Fakers, and Lazy Line Painter Jane. 
Even if you already have all the EPs, you'll want to get this disc. It is reasonable priced, housed in the usual attractive package, and hearing all the songs back to back reinforces what an amazing group Belle & Sebastian were and are.


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