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Pumice -- now the duo of Stefan Neville and Jade Farley -- stretch time further out, leaning heavily on drones and moans in making their modern day Aotearoa folk-rock masterpiece. The fruits of their time together as a pair has come to bear in the buzzing, swirling epic: Table.

Table! Table primarily finds Pumice deep in a pastoral expanse, with Jade's violin lines and Stefan's organ drones serving collectively as guide. Elsewhere the dense fog of synth, guitar, F/X, chants and melodies create warm miniature zones to tuck into.

With each new recording, Pumice finds a way to achieve new levels of rugged grandeur. Table is the latest example.

Jade Farley: violin, guitars, vocals, keyboard
Stefan Neville: reed organ, drums, ukulele, vocals, tapes, synth, chanter, guitars

Produced and recorded by Stefan, except "Necklace on a Necklace," which was produced and recorded by Jade.

Artwork by Stefan, Jade, Sugar Jon Arcus, and Indira Neville
Mastered by Sean McCann

  1. Lest Wet
  2. Necklace on a Necklace
  3. Hankerchief
  4. Marie
  5. Gride
  6. Our Schedule to Explore the Large Area, The Heart
  7. Lest Wet & Forget