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First Issue - Flying Out


First Issue

Light In The Attic

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(180 Gram LP)

With the Sex Pistols, Johnny Rotten Lydon helped define the everlasting image of punk: the spiky hair, the safety-pinned clothes, the wanton disregard for monarchy and the defaced Queen Elizabeth portraits to match. But in doing so, the Pistols also created a caricature, one that could be readily trotted out by sleazy TV talk-show hosts for cheap shock value and easily aped by sketch-comedy troupes. And for all the media outrage and label politicking that surrounded the release of Never Mind the Bollocks, it was ultimately a slickly produced, highly accessible set, its anti-establishment invectives latched onto shout-along hooks crafted by the world‚√≥¬ªs most ridiculed Beatles fan. Really, the Pistols were just a rock n roll band fronted by a singer who happened to hate rock n roll. And his next move was to show everyone just how much, by redefining punk not as a sound or costume, but as an idea, a liberation philosophy of pan-cultural musical cross-polination and strident non-conformism. 9/10 Pitchfork

Artist: Public Image LTD
Title: First Issue
Label: Light In The Attic
Cat #: LITA100
Year: 1978/2013
Format: 12" LP, with download and poster


  1. Theme
  2. Religion I
  3. Religion II
  4. Annalisa
  5. Public Image
  6. Low Life
  7. Attack
  8. Fodderstompf

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