First Man from the Second Millennium

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No use denying it - the world's in a sorry state. It's all a bit grim, isn't it? Still, there's something inherently comical about trying to maintain composure during a decline, to act as though it's ordinary. Like a polo pony sinking into primordial sludge. A high-rise surrendering to a swamp. On First Man from the Second Millennium, Psuedo Desnudo (Alejandro Gomez-Leos) moves past simply mining this comedy amidst the tragedy to also provide the perfect soundtrack.

While Gomez-Leos assuredly forges his own path, the album is sprinkled with off-kilter homages to bygone outsider pop. Underneath an irreverence rivaling They Might Be Giants and the herky-jerk of Hardcore-era Devo lies a beating Beefheart, zapped to life with licks that echo early Zappa excursions. Beyond this influence, Gomez-Leos does a masterful job of melding his melodies with a fully realized world. The cast of characters resemble a concept album by way of an R. Crumb comic. The moments of satire sting because the wordplay is whip-smart.

  1. Do As Kings
  2. First Man from the Second Milennium
  3. Eros' Hex
  4. Mother Night
  5. Hungarian Maria
  6. Doctor, Doctor
  7. Loveless Peking Heat
  8. Dalu Zoo Handales
  9. Dog Bark, Not Find
  10. The Shortage