Akira Sunrise

Arch Hill

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Early on it was decided by Pine that album number two should continue down the path of DIY, home recording teko-soundfoolery. A perfect space in the middle of Christchurch city was soon located: polished floors, brick walls and a studio full of speaker bins including flashing lights and interesting dials. It all seemed too good to be true. And it was. Unbeknown to Pine the new studio shared space with a death metal band 2 doors down, a tone-deaf trumpet beginner next door and the 9 - 5ers of the city businesses below. This proved problematic and the low-decibel (but high-quality) Pine had to radically re-organise recording schedules. Much of the album was tracked between 6am and 9am as the city woke up...the biggest hurdle was the sound of street sweepers and the quality of the coffee.

A summer album was always promised - it just ended up being one summer later than planned. The recording was interspersed with a number of journeys north where the album was finally mixed and mastered by studio whizz Dale Cotton (HDU, Conray, Sleepers Union, Mestar and others)

1. Bottlenecks
2. Seesaw
3. Overground
4. Don't Panic
5. Out of the Loop
6. Hindsight
7. Easy
8. Tokyo
9. So For You
10. Lazybones
11. Required
12 Upside Down