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Pan Am Stories


Pan Am Stories

Flying Out

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Tape-warped phantom band Rangers finally unleashes the grainy, soaring prog-pop opus he always hinted was lurking inside his fretboard/mind. North Dallas-raised, San Fran-based multi-instrumentalist Joe Knight grew up taking classical guitar lessons from a guy who claimed to have “toured with the Dead,” and some of that freedom-sprawl agenda seems to have had an effect, culminating in his own loose, lo-fi 4-track jangle journeys starting around 2005. But whereas last year’s Suburban Tours LP condensed his fantasy transistor rock into radio nuggets, Pan Am Stories opts for the reverse strategy, expanding scenic chord patterns into breezy coastline cruises and wide skied psychedelic sagas. The extra breadth gives these 13 songs a sense of lightness and flight, brushed in blankets of fuzz, reverb, samples, and hiss.



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