P.H.F. Bundle

Danger Collective Records


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This bundle includes 3 P.H.F releases...

Grind State (Black Vinyl)
Anthology (Red Vinyl)
New Metal (Black Vinyl)

Following 2013's grim-sugar-rush LP V.O.I.D, P.H.F had been curtains-pulled tiny-apartment-zoning, while occasionally venturing out to play some explosive full-band live shows (one of which was @ LA's The Smell) the whole time suggestively whispering to us Grind State Out Soon. After a year of teasing P.H.F finally submited entry to the Grind State.

P.H.F.s Anthology is a curated collection of songs from the first 8 years of P.H.F.. This dynamic progression through the artist’s back catalog is great for new fans and day ones. Spanning over 9 full-length albums and 2 EP’s, Anthology is a collective representation of growth through discomfort and an exercise in the banality of genre. This is the definitive collection of PHF.

P.H.F.'s release schedule has been prolific as ever in 2020. His career spanning Anthology compilation & killer singles 'Good Girl' and 'Sorry'. But it's been a minute since we've heard a full blown studio album from iconoclastic Tāmaki songwriter and producer Joe Locke. That's all about to change with P.H.F.'s long-teased upcoming record New Metal.