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Idlewild - Flying Out




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The world's biggest pop group makes an album about breaking up. It becomes a staggeringly popular crossover hit, WINNING them so many new fans they have no choice but to forget the solo careers and carry on together. So they come out with a new record where they barely appear on each other's tracks, recorded mostly in separate studios. And just to show they haven't sold out, the next single is a commercial-suicide showcase for a college marching band. Ladies and gentlemen . . . Fleetwood Mac!

Like the Mac circa Tusk, OutKast respond to the pressures of megastardom with their weirdest MUSIC yet. "Morris Brown" might feature the tubas and trombones of the Morris Brown College Band, but it is irresistible — just like Tusk, which went to Number One in spite of itself. On Idlewild, Andre "3000" Benjamin and Antwan "Big Boi" Patton are on different wavelengths, but they're wild idols, two of the most brilliantly warped music minds we've got, the most unpredictable pop duo since Prince and himself. Last time out, they PACKAGED their two solo joints together to create Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, and you know what happened next: Your mom liked "Hey Ya!" even more than you did. So when Andre says, "Divorce is not an OPTION, and prenuptial is void," in "Mighty O," he's probably talking about the group. He's stuck with Big Boi the way he's stuck with Ms. Jackson's daughter — they made something major together, and now the dream is gone but the baby is real. They meet up for only four of Idlewild's twenty-five tracks, but it still sounds like the burden of sharing OutKast brings out the fire in their music, by forcing them to try and TOP each other. Rolling Stone



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