Panther Rotate

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'Panther Rotate' by OSEES is a remix album for its big brother 'Protean Threat'. John Dwyer is seemingly not satisfied with releasing, on average, an album a year for each of the twenty-three years the band has been in existence, but is now remixing and embellishing LPs to bolster his discography still further. More OSEES albums in the world can only be a good thing, though. This one features new versions of tracks from 'Protean Threat', field recordings and various experimental sounds. One for the freaks x


1. Scramble Experiment
2. Don't Blow Your Experiment 
3. Synthesis
4. Toadstool Experiment
5. If I Had an Experiment
6. Miz Experiment
7. Terminal Experiment
8. Poem With 2 Horns
9. Gong Experiment