Rock & Roll’s Alright!! (Vinyl LP, Pink)

Vinyl LP (Pink)

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When Dr Ian Chapman, who for decades has moonlighted as Dr Glam (he's basically the Christchurch Wizard of all things sparkly in rock'n'roll), laid out his top ten moments in the history of glam in Aotearoa on AudioCulture, only three homegrown bands got a mention, with the rest being memorable visits from interstellar internationals. Since then, Space Waltz have had their work reissued, as have Ragnarok, so now it's time for the glammest of them all to rise again and have their moment in the spotlight. Just announced as a pink and black vinyl collaborative release from Frenzy and In Search Of Fuzz, Rock & Roll's Alight brings together the entire output from 1973 to 1980 from Christchurch glam rockers Odyssey, and should put them squarely back on the map; wild make-up, platform boots, space-age costumery, and all. 
 - Flying Out


  1. Suzy Rock
  2. Rock & Roll's Alright
  3. New York City
  4. Baby
  5. It's So Easy
  6. Trevor
  7. Ball & Chain
  8. Pogo
  9. That's Life
  10. Sorry
  11. Prostitute

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