Space Is Only Noise

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Space Is Only Noise is the first full-length effort by Nicolas Jaar, a Chilean-American producer whose work is deeply influenced by Ricardo Villalobos, jazz pianists like Dave Brubeck and Keith Jarrett, and Leonard Cohen. Early singles Russian Dolls and Time for Us were more dancefloor-friendly than the album, which layers multiple acoustic instruments, most notably Jaar's own jazz-inflected piano, sampled vocals, and even a drum solo (the 23-second Trace) into a melancholy, pensive 45-minute journey. Jaar assembled the disc from several years' worth of recordings -- he's relentlessly productive -- but it has a conceptual unity that makes it feel like the product of a single burst of inspiration. This music is spiritual, psychedelic at times, and always rooted in a strong core concept that goes beyond "intelligent dance music" toward the idea that electronics are merely a tool, and do not themselves demand loyalty to any particular aesthetic. 


  1. Tre
  2.  Colomb
  3.  Sunflower
  4.  Too Many Kids Finding Rain in the Dust
  5.  Keep Me There
  6.  Problems with the Sun
  7.  Space Is Only Noise If You Can See
  8.  Almost Fell
  9.  Balance Her in Between Your Eyes
  10. Specters of the Future
  11. Trace
  12. Variations
  13. Tre