We The Animals: An Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


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We The Animals is the award-winning new film from Jeremiah Zagar (In A Dream). Based on the best-selling novel by Justin Torres, We The Animals is Zagar’s first narrative feature. It reunites Zagar with Nick Zammuto, the renowned composer and co-founder of beloved collage-pop pioneers, The Books.

Inspired by the film’s setting in rural upstate New York – and influenced by the early ambient electronic music that galvanized the Books two decades ago – Zammuto pairs that earthen, wooded isolation with dynamic pulses of customised electronics and sparse, crystalline layers of melodic soft synths. The juxtaposition is arresting, and gives the soundtrack a unique heft befitting of its subject matter – and betraying of its minimal instrumentation.

Beautifully edited and sequenced to act as both a companion to the film and a standalone album, We The Animals: An Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is as subtle as it is startling, and succeeds in making even the heaviest emotions feel momentarily weightless.

1. Josiah Gabriel - I'll Fly Away 01:04
2. We Wanted More 00:48
3. We Wanted Less 01:10
4. We The Animals - Just This 00:52
5. Look At Me 01:17
6. We The Animals - You Went So Far 00:25
7. Under The Bed 01:48
8. Paps Leaves 01:09
9. The Kitchen 02:19
10.We The Animals - Like A Bomb 00:31
11. Stealing 02:00
12. Dream Of Paps 01:44
13. Haircut 02:03
14. Tonight We'll Go For A Ride 02:14
15. We The Animals - You Were Supposed To Find Us 00:22
16. Bad Bad Bad 00:56
17. Wet Dream 00:45
18. No More Crying 02:20
19. We The Animals - Paps Dug A Grave 00:14
20. It Was My Grave 03:36
21. Bad Nightmare 00:47
22. Winter 01:52
23. Can I Come? 00:59
24. Fly Away 05:29
25. Josiah Gabriel - I'm Nobody's Baby 01:14
26. We The Animals 02:20

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