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Love & Lomography - Flying Out


Love & Lomography

Powertool Records

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The debut album ‚‚Love and Lomography‚√≥¬ª by fast-rising young troubadour Nick Raven evokes a sun-soaked, psychedelic fantasia; enough to keep a summer glow shimmering all year round.The songs Blindman and Butterfly High (But I Fly So High) may already be familiar to fans around the country ‚‚ they‚√≥¬ªve aired regularly on 95bFM, Radio Control, Plains FM, Fresh FM and Tractor FM amongst others - and Butterfly High soared to #2 on the 95bFM Top Ten. (Have a listen to Butterfly High if you‚√≥¬ªd like to hear it for yourself‚_)

‚‚Love and Lomography‚√≥¬ª was written, produced and recorded by Raven, and mastered by Steve Corrao in Nashville, Tennessee; the striking artwork was created by Fraser Chatham. Two further singles are on their way - and Auckland friends, put March 2 in your diary for the album release party.

Nick Raven is only 21 and his name may be relatively new but he already has quite a track record, starting with his school band Razor Fox picking up the Schick Style Award at the national finals of the 2010 Smokefree Rockquest. Raven then branched out on his own, touring the North Island, playing bFM‚√≥¬ªs Freak the Sheep Christmas Special alongside Goodshirt and Julia Deans, releasing a video (‚‚Kiss Me‚√≥¬ª) which played on Juice and C4, and winning a recording grant from Zeal West which resulted in the EP Happy You Hippie Me. He‚√≥¬ªs played 95bFM‚√≥¬ªs Breakfast Club (watch the video here), and recorded a live In Session at Roundhead studios.

Artist: Nick Raven
Title:‚Love & Lomography
Label: Powertool Records
Cat #:‚PT121

Track List:
  1. Butterfly High (But I Fly So High)
  2. Love Sitting & Laughing
  3. Drown
  4. Head Spin Round‚
  5. Singing Myself to Sleep
  6. Searching For The Sea
  7. Talk
  8. Hello Mr Sky
  9. Blind Man



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