Brotherhood (Reissue)

Vinyl LP

New Order's fourth album, released in October 1986.
Recorded at Windmill Lane and mixed at Liverpool's Amazon Studios.
Another Peter Saville/Trevor Key design, representing a bar of zinc and its serial number. A few special editions were coated with titanium zinc.

Peter Hook: "Listen to it and you can hear it has two different sides. There were battles raging on Brotherhood."
Bernard Sumner: "We'd always had that balance of electronics and band stuff. I was always pushing for electronics, and Hooky was always pushing for the band stuff, which was fair enough, I think we needed the band stuff. And by luck it got tipped the band way on Brotherhood. It was a very dense album, because we'd gone a bit mad on overdubs, so it was very layered, and very dense."
Peaked at #9 in the UK album charts. (


  1. Paradise
  2. Weirdo
  3. As It Is When It Was
  4. Broken Promise
  5. Way Of Life
  6. Bizarre Love Triangle
  7. All Day Long
  8. Angel Dust
  9. Every Little Counts