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Candy Girl - Flying Out


Candy Girl

Get On Down Records

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"And so, this was Maurice Starr's vision of our pop future, fully and immediately realized: five teenage kids from the Boston projects transformed into the Jackson 5 for the Eighties era. Candy Girl is it. He did it. And what else was there to do?
Candy Girl was a huge R&B chart hit (and, interestingly enough, a big hit in the UK where the title track became a #1 hit). But as for the mainstream Billboard charts, it did not fare as well. Sales werent huge. To put it bluntly, New Edition hadnt hit it big with a white mainstream audience yet. They would soon, but not just yet. And Starr noticed this.
Candy Girl is light as a feather by design and has little in common with the harder-edged modern R&B that would set the standard for millennial teen pop and beyond. But it is an important piece of pop history, the spark that birthed two of teen pops biggest fattest innovators. One would soon become a beloved, influential institution in the boy band world; the other, one of its greatest and most cutthroat manipulators. The future was sown here." - dgetdown

Artist: New Edition
Title:Candy Girl
Label: Get On Down
Cat #: GET 56030-LP
Year: 1983/2015
Format: LP


  1. Gimmie Your Love
  2. She Gives Me A Bang
  3. Is This The End
  4. Pass The Beat
  5. Popcorn Love
  6. Candy Girl
  7. Ooh Baby
  8. Should Have Never Told Me
  9. Gotta Have Your Lovin'
  10. Jealous Girl

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