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The Stink Magnetic Recording Company proudly presents its latest sonic
smorgasbord – Esoteric Surf Trash. This second full-length LP
recording is made by the crazy genius that brought you splendid acts
like the Mysterious Tape Man, Ghost of Tape Man, House on Haunted
Hill, The Tape Men, Planet of the Tapes, Lightning Tape Wolf, and
lastly the Tape Wolves [pictured].

From the dirty backwaters of Aotearoa to the
salty shores of the Mediterranean Sea, sandwiched between natural
disasters, terrible accidents and day jobs, the magic lives on.
Relentless pound roars outta the traps on opening shot “Elmstein
Surf”. Lonely haunt follows in the Dr Phibes-styled organ snap of
“Undead Theme”. Muted chord scrapes and scratches paired with surf
staccato flicks roll through “Black Cat”. Otherwordly dimensions in
tense suspense sci-fi adventures flavour “Space Ghost”. Rattle roll
snot punk ‘tude shuffles twist and sneer in “I Don’t Give a Fuck”.
Hypnotic Diddley-styled crawl litters “Mysterious Island”. Indian war
chant vibes strong on “Mysterio”, as nagging tribal thunder propels
the tune towards unparalleled menace. “Shadow” is a slow creep
instrumental ballad, with a subtle lonely latino overture. New dance
craze “Nerd Wolf Stomp” beckons adventurous swingers and swayers onto
the dance floor. And there’s another 13 tunes on top of that lot to
wade through!