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Mortise and Tenon - Flying Out


Mortise and Tenon


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It’s no real surprise that Tom Lax has uncorked another keeper with his Siltbreeze imprint, but even still, Sapat packs a few surprises in their grooves for those who think they already know the score. Airy and pristinely recorded in a comfortable mid-fi that’s been heretofore unknown in the annals of the label’s back catalogue, Mortise and Tenon rarely falters. Captured here is a band that understands the limitations inherent in Nth generation psych rehash, and rather than pine for a long-gone zeitgeist, these eight hunker down with a batch of supple tunes that play to admirable strengths and a keen, intuitive knowledge of how to mine a generally tapped mainline in all the right ways. Miles away from the band’s still excellent debut, Sapat’s inaugural full-length shuffles the cards and deals a hand steeped in rich tradition that never once sounds like a haphazard pastiche.

 - Dusted Magazine



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